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Joy Candle
Joy Candle
Joy Candle
Joy Candle

Joy Candle

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Let Joy illuminate your space with our Joy Soy Candle. This uplifting blend celebrates the beauty of happiness and positivity, featuring a delightful combination of peach and pear. Designed for those who value joyful moments and cherished experiences, 'Joy' offers a comforting glow and fills your room with a sweet, fruity fragrance.

With notes of peach and pear.

This aromatic candle is perfect for enhancing any gathering or quiet moment among friends. Crafted with eco-friendly ingredients, this candle ensures a clean and long-lasting burn, leaving your space feeling warm and inviting.

**Soothing Glow:** Sevonyx Soy Candle casts a soft, soothing light, enhancing the ambiance of any room.

**Eco-Friendly Ingredients:** This candle is made from a blend of sustainable ingredients, including natural soy wax and eco-friendly wicks.

**Uplifting Fragrance:** Infused with a fruity blend of fragrances that nurture feelings of happiness and positivity.

This travel-size candle is ideal for creating a welcoming atmosphere wherever you gather—be it at home, in the office, or during special moments with friends. Embrace the uplifting touch of Sevonyx Soy Candle today for a cozy, illuminated space!


- Natural Soy Wax
- Peach Fragrance Oil
- Pear Fragrance Oil
- Cotton Wick
- Dye