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How To Download

How To Download Your Product

After you pay at checkout, you will receive two emails. One is an order confirmation and will arrive almost immediately after purchase. The second email is the download link for your products and will arrive a couple minutes afterwards.



Mobile devices don't usually let you download from links so using a computer is recommended.

After clicking the link, download the files and choose a folder to save it too. Typically your computer will automatically save it in the Downloads folder though but you can choose a different location.

That's all! You can now access your product on your computer!


Download the ZIP file to your computer, right-click and select, “Extract All.” This will create a new file on your computer that you can easily open. That's it!

All files are sent using PDF format. Make sure you have an app downloaded that can read PDF files.

If you can't find your file, make sure to check your downloads folder. Also try searching the title of the document to find out where it is.